Will Writing

Making a will

Making a will and why you should do it

Writing a will or having a will written enables you to decide what will happen to your money, your property and other possessions after you die.

Making a will can also help to ensure that you don't pay more inheritance tax than you should.

Help, advice and understanding

It is possible, but not generally advisable, to write your own will but even if you do you will need to get it formally witnessed and signed in order to make it legally valid.

We've been will writing and advising clients on will-related matters for many years so it makes sense to talk to us before you do anything else.
will writing

Making a will means:

  •  Your affairs are left in order
  •  Your family is protected
  •  Your wishes are carried out
  • You have peace of mind

Where there's a will

There are far fewer complications after you die. Don't leave it to chance, let us help you today.
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